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Does spending time outside this summer have you brainstorming for a dream home exterior remodel? We have some advice should you want to turn your dream exteriors into reality. Follow these simple five steps:

  1. Determine why you want to renovate
  2. Gather ideas
  3. Consider your budget
  4. Choose the right contractor
  5. Make a plan

Determine why you want to renovate

First, determine your why for an exterior home renovation. 

  • Do you need to repair a leak or improve efficiency? 
  • Are you trying to fix or prevent damage? 
  • Is the project necessary or simply nice to have?

Perhaps your reasons are simply cosmetic. 

  • Is your home outdated and do you want to refresh it with a home exterior makeover?
  • Want to upgrade an outdoor living space? 
  • Are you planning to sell your home and need to increase curb appeal?

Gather ideas

Once you know why you want to renovate, gather ideas.

  • Drive around different neighbourhoods to select house exterior examples you like.
  • Surf the internet to find images and narrow down an exterior style that suits your needs.
  • Watch fixer upper shows on television to get ideas.
  • Start to piece together an image of your dream home exterior.

Consider your budget

Understanding how much money you have to spend or can finance for your exterior home remodel helps to narrow down ideas and finalize plans.

  • Remember the difference between spending and investing.
  • Some projects can help save money in the long run.
  • Be realistic.
  • Contact your contractors for expert help.

Choose the right contractor

Selecting a contractor to complete your dream home exterior remodel is key to being happy with the finished project. Confirm they have the skills to complete the majority of the exterior renovations:

  • Siding
  • Eavestroughs and downspouts
  • Soffit & Fascia
  • Roof
  • Windows and Door

Be sure they can partner with secondary contractors for additional aspects of the project:

  • Masonry and concrete
  • Landscaping
  • Garage Door installers 

And be sure to ask for references regarding workmanship, materials, and pricing.

Make a plan

Work with your contractor to conduct an inspection of your home to ensure they can address everything. You don’t want to tear down completed work shortly after one project ends to start another. Itemize the goals for your dream home exterior and categorize your ideas into needs vs. wants. Assign budget dollars to the needs first, then prioritize the wants. 

Discuss design options and functionality with your contractor. Then set a timeline for completion and get started!

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