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Keeping up with minor roof repairs can save you a lot of time and money down the road. Here’s a handy roof inspection checklist to help stay on top of your preventative maintenance. Don’t wait until you find a roof leak. Catch problems early and avoid costly damage.

Roof Inspection Checklist

While scanning your roof for leaks, unusual wear and tear, and damage caused by wind or debris blowing around, break your inspection into four sections: structural, material, interior, and workmanship. Here is a list of things to watch for in each section:

Structural Inspection

  • Condition of ALL roof components, including soffit, fascia, and gutter system, including downspouts
  • Uneven roof planes and signs of sagging
  • Chimney for cracks, crumbling grout or damage to caps
  • Proper ventilation in the attic to prevent heat and moisture build-up

Material Inspection

  • Missing or broken shingles, flashing, or fasteners
  • Damaged, buckling, blistering or curing shingles
  • Organic growth like moss on the surface
  • Cracked caulking
  • Rust or other unusual stains
  • Shingle granules collecting in roof valleys and eavestroughs

Interior Inspection

  • Signs of possible leaks on ceilings and walls
  • Evidence of mould and rot

Workmanship Inspection

  • Problems from installation or previous repairs

When to Inspect your Roof

We recommend you schedule a roofing inspection annually to identify potential problems. Consider the fall before winter weather conditions set in. If you suspect you may need major repairs, leave enough time to schedule a roof replacement or professional roof repair.

Fall inspections allow time to correct issues before winter temperatures prevent new asphalt shingles from sealing properly. If the maintenance and repair chores include moss removal, you have time to apply treatment to allow it to work over the winter before spring.

You should also ensure your roof remains in good condition after a large storm or other nasty wind events. Look for signs of damage from hail, tree branches, lightning strikes, and even animals.

Who Can Help with Your Inspection and Minor Roof Repairs?

Most homeowners can identify obvious issues like missing shingles. But a professional roof inspector can spot a bigger roof problem invisible to an untrained eye before you must deal with a leaky roof. You definitely want the help of roof inspectors if your roof is over 15 years old.

Only Eavestroughs, a complete home exterior expert, has years of experience with your entire roofing system. We will inspect your roof and all the other components like soffit, fascia, siding and gutters to ensure water moves efficiently and goes where it needs to be to protect your home.

Besides minor residential roofing repair, we offer complete home exterior inspection, maintenance, repair, and installation services. We can help prevent a variety of issues that often lead to leaks, including clogs and ice dams. Should we uncover major challenges, we gladly recommend roofing companies too.

Have you noticed any potential issues with your roof?


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