Rounding out the protective elements of your home exterior, Only Eavestroughs provides professional window and door capping. If we notice issues during an inspection with other elements of your home, we can include recommendations for this additional service in our estimate.

Window & Door Capping

Window & Door Capping

Custom window capping, also known as cladding, is the application of aluminum wrap trim or vinyl shields to cover the wooden frames around your windows and skylights. Door capping is the same concept for framing around entry and garage doors.

We can coordinate window and door capping with your existing trim or replace damaged sections. Door and window frame finishing provides a beautiful facelift for your home and additional protective benefits at a fraction of the cost of replacing existing windows and doors.

garage door capping before and after

Benefits of Window and Door Capping

Protect Your Home

Cladding prevents water from penetrating your home, wetting the wood frames and causing rot or other damage. This extends the life of your windows and doors.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Save time and money compared to maintaining painted or stained wooden frames.

Improve Curb Appeal

When capping matches your home’s exterior colour scheme, the coordinated, finished look raises the aesthetic value of your home.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Adding cladding increases the insulation value that windows provide and reduced drafts help prevent warm and cool air escaping. This means cost savings on utility bills and maintenance.

Types of Capping

Capping comes in a variety of materials. When deciding which works best for you home, consider not only appearance but the durability and insulation factor.


Extruded aluminum capping provides strength and durability. It holds its visual appeal with special coatings to prevent fading and chalking. But alminum doesn’t offer the best insulation.


If energy efficiency is your goal, vinyl cladding offers excellent insulation. You can easily maintain its surface but be careful not to exchange price for quality to reduce the change of chalking or warping.

Window and door capping

Reach out to Only Eavestroughs to discuss exterior finish options for added protection and beauty capping offers your home exterior. We are custom aluminum bending specialists.

Upgrade Your Home’s Look with Aluminium or Vinyl Capping!

Protect and refresh your property with expert capping services. Choose from our premium aluminium or vinyl options to give your home a sleek, maintenance-free finish. Say goodbye to painting and repairs! Our skilled team ensures a seamless and durable capping installation, boosting your home’s curb appeal and value. Don’t wait to enhance your exteriors—get a FREE quote now.

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