Eavestrough project
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  • Lack of regular cleaning resulting in clogs causing the undersized eavestrough to tear off with the weight of ice and snow build-up
  • Several downspouts drained water to undesirable locations resulting in ice build-up on walkways.
  • Downspout positioning also caused foundation damage and erosion of the interlocking brick walkways.
  • Maple keys and pine needles falling from mature trees traditionally clogged the system several times each year
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We installed a new highly optimized and fully functional eavestrough and downspout drainage system with aluminum leaf guards. To correct the issues caused by the positioning of water drainage, we sloped the eavestrough sections away from the front of the house.

Installing larger downspouts allowed water from the roof to drain more efficiently. And we attached 4’ ground level extensions to the downspouts to kick water out and away from the foundation and walkways.

We installed aluminum leaf guards securely attached to the top of the eavestrough sections and to the fascia board to lessen the impact of the excessive amount of debris falling from trees and reduce clogs.


First, we disconnected each section of the existing eavestrough and downspout drainage system. We removed all gutter brackets, spike and furrows, and all additional hardware. After removal of the eavestrough and downspout sections, we cut them down into smaller sections to be loaded into our delivery trailer.

We delivered the scrap metal to local recyclers. Then we completed a thorough clean-up of the property including all screws and nails using a magnet preparing a clean slate for the installation project to begin.


We extruded new eavestrough sections using the gutter machine on site. The team installed them with heavy-duty gutter brackets every 18”. Then we professionally sealed all the mitred corners and end caps with a generous amount of gutter sealant. Applied as moulding within the corners, the gutter sealant prevents leakage but has enough room to expand and contract in summer and winter.

Next, we cut the downspout outlets into the eavestrough sections. Then we installed the downspouts in the pre-designated locations. We added 4-foot ground level extensions to all of the downspout sections to kick the water out and away from the building and foundation.

Finally, we securely installed the aluminum gutter guard system to protect the eavestrough and downspout sections from becoming clogged full of leaf build-up and the accumulation of debris falling from the trees which enveloped the property.


We included a 25-year guarantee on our workmanship because the aluminum gutter guard system installed will protect the eavestrough and downspout sections from becoming clogged. The homeowner will receive a free inspection every two years. This includes removing any pine needles that become trapped on the roof areas or sitting on top of the leaf guard sections with a leaf blower.

The customer was overjoyed with our workmanship and ability to complete the installation project within one business day.

We pre-scheduled this project a couple of months earlier to accommodate the completion of other renovations on the property prior to our project in addition to landscaping projects.

But we stuck to our schedule and completed the project on time.


The homeowner provided us with a five-star review on Google and on the Better Business Bureau platform. They referred us to friends and family members for exterior renovation consultation and requests too.

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