Leaf Guard


  • Original aluminum fascia and eavestrough system faded and discoloured
  • Eavestrough system damaged from the accumulation of debris causing clogging and ice buildup
  • Several downspout sections and corners of eavestrough sections blown out at the seams or burst after filling with ice over the winter months


To resolve the homeowner’s issues, we recommended the drainage system be replaced with a larger, highly optimized and fully functional system including aluminum gutter guards to prevent previous issues from recurring. We colour-matched and replaced the fascia and eavestrough system with new aluminum.


First, our team removed the existing eavestrough system and the aluminum fascia behind the eavestroughs sections. They cut the sections into smaller pieces to load into our enclosed work trailer and take to the metal scrap yard for recycling. We completed a thorough ground clean up collecting all nails and hardware with a magnet.


We took measurements to determine the accurate dimensions of the aluminum fascia. Then we custom bent all new fascia sections on-site using an aluminum brake and installed them with trim nails.

Next, we extruded the new eavestrough sections to custom lengths on our gutter machine to be installed onto the fascia. Once we cut and sealed all the mitred corners with gutter sealant, we cut downspout outlets into the eavestroughs.

Then we installed new larger 3” downspouts in their original locations connecting to the existing underground drainage pipe. We sealed the downspout outlets and end caps to prevent future leakage.

Finally, we installed the gutter guard system. We securely attached it to the eavestrough sections and fascia board. This prevented it from coming loose or allowing debris to enter the eavestrough and downspout sections or the underground drainage pipes.

The homeowner wrote a 5-star review on the Trusted Pros and Better Business Bureau platforms. So completely pleased with the job, they hired us to complete further renovations to the window and garage door capping next season.


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