Eavestrough project
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Leaf Guard
Window Capping


  • Original doors, siding and exterior aluminum colours from the 1980s gave home an outdated appearance
  • Aging eavestrough system responsible for several leaks caused water damage to the home’s foundation
  • Undersized downspouts with poorly positioned drainage near window wells added to interior water damage
  • Water diverting on to the driveway in front of entrances created icy areas in winter months
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We provided samples and colour options, recommending the homeowners modernize the exterior finishings of the home for an updated appearance. They selected modern and popular colour choices for the vinyl siding and the aluminum soffit, fascia, eavestrough and window capping.

In addition, we replaced exterior doors at the front and side of the home for a complete update. The existing window and door capping matched the original exterior. So we removed it all and cut out the caulking and replaced it with updated colours to match the new finishes.

To resolve the challenges with drainage, we installed a new efficient draining eavestrough system with larger downspouts that drained the majority of water into the backyard. The grade and slope of the garden and lawn areas allowed the water to drain away from the home much more effectively.

To complete this project, our team removed and disposed of existing aluminum siding and the fibreboard behind it. We methodically disconnected the aluminum soffit, J channel, fascia, and the eavestrough and downspout drainage system. Next, we removed all the existing window and door capping. Then we recycled all the pieces accordingly.

Once we removed the exterior finishing, we installed new aluminum soffit, fascia, and the eavestrough and downspout system with a leaf guard. We added new horizontal vinyl siding, aluminum window capping with caulking, and new entrance and storm doors.

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The homeowner shared how impressed she was with our workmanship and how much she loved the overall modern appearance of her home with updated colours. She shared her 5-star review online about how extremely happy she was with the finished product and provided several referrals to friends at work and family members. The homeowner even posted our advertising on the Brescia College referral board at Western University where she works.

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