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Downspout Service is an important part of home maintenance. They make sure water collected in the eavestroughs travels down and diverts away from your home. Let’s review what’s involved to protect your home and prevent water damage, including proper installation, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and replacement.


Proper downspout installation is critical with the eavestrough downspout placed in the right spot and connected correctly. Then you need to consider where and how to divert the water to prevent pooling around the outside of your home.

If your lawn naturally slopes away from your home, a simple splash block may be all you need. Otherwise, an elbow and extension or a flexible hose will do a great job moving the water further away from your foundation.

Some homeowners choose to place a rain barrel at the bottom of your downspout. Just ensure you plan to use the water in the barrel for gardens and landscaping. If it gets too full, it can overflow, defeating the intended purpose.

Cleaning & Maintenance

You still need to clean and maintain a properly installed gutter and downspout system. Clogs can easily prevent your system from working correctly. If water can’t travel along the eavestroughs and down the downspout, you risk it seeping into places it doesn’t belong. Then you face the expense of getting your roof replaced and drying out your basement.

To prevent expensive repairs, we highly recommend routine eavestrough and downspout service. Regular cleaning and inspection of the condition of your system go a long way. The installation of leaf guards can also reduce the time and effort required.

Repair & Replacement

Unfortunately, nature is not predictable. Excessive rains, winds, and even animals can add pressure to your system, leading to inevitable eavestrough and downspout repairs.

If you notice a broken downspout or even just a downspout disconnection, take care of those issues quickly before they develop into larger problems. You should seal leaky corners and seams with quality caulking designed to withstand heat expansion and cold contractions. Remember, your goal is to keep water away from your home.

Depending on what we uncover during an inspection, we will offer options for repair or replacement installation services. Sometimes it may be more economical in the long run to skip the repairs and put a new system on instead.

Here to Help

Only Eavestroughs provides high-quality custom service and aluminum work, servicing London and area. We take the satisfaction of our customers seriously. Whether you need simple repairs eavestrough cleanings and maintenance or new installations, our team will do an excellent job.

But we don’t just take care of eavestroughs and downspout service. We’re here to help with all your exterior home protection needs, including soffit fascia siding window and door capping and more.

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