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Your roof is more than just shingles over your head.

There is soffit and fascia installation, eavestroughs (some call them gutters) to name a few. Your roof and its trim all work together as a system.

What are soffit and fascia?

Soffit is Horizontal

Your roof overhangs the side of your house just a bit. Soffit panels are the ceiling of that overhang. You typically can’t see it unless you are looking up. The colour and design usually coordinate with the siding or brick exterior of a home to make it look pretty.

Fascia is Vertical

The area between the soffit and roof edges is called fascia. These long flat surfaces are also where you install eavestroughs or gutters. The Fascia board is very visible so needs to be in good shape if you are looking for curb appeal.

Building under construction labelling location for soffit and fascia installation
Soffit and fascia are more than just making your roofline pretty though…

What else do soffit and fascia do?

racoon entry point in soffit installation
If you notice cracks or holes, repair or replace quickly before you have unwanted four-legged or flying tenants making a home above you!

For a variety of reasons, soffit and fascia installation is important :

  • Keeps attic ventilated to prevent moisture build-up that creates mold and mildew
  • Helps release heat from the attic to control cooling costs
  • Prevents animals and insects from invading your home
  • Protects home from nasty weather
  • Supports and protects the bottom edge of the roof
  • Provides a place for eavestrough installation – must be sturdy to support those gutters during heavy rain

How much does soffit and fascia installation cost?

Installations are priced by linear foot. Factors that contribute to the cost of soffit and fascia installation include:

  • Height of roofline
  • Width of soffit required
  • Number of corners
  • Material selected
  • Additional services

Only Eavestroughs Inc. is happy to look at your system and help determine the best options for your home or business. Inspections and estimates are always free.


What about soffit, fascia, and eavestrough maintenance?

After a brand-new soffit and fascia installation, or even for your current system, cleaning and maintenance are important. Here’s some advice:

  • Clean soffit and fascia every other year
  • Use some sort of compressed air to clear ventilation holes in the existing soffit
  • Inspect everything for cracks, gaps, sagging, and other faults to avoid rainwater damage inside your home
  • Clear out eavestroughs in the spring and fall so water can drain properly
leaf guard system in eavestrough to help with soffit and fascia installation maintenance
Leaf guard systems are great to help reduce cleaning efforts!

Curious to know the condition of your soffit, fascia, & eavestroughs?

Schedule a free inspection. We will prepare a report on the condition of your exterior and make recommendations for any cleaning, repairs, or installation you may require. and an estimate for any work we can assist you with. We even do siding and windows and door capping.

Only Eavestrough Inc. is the ONLY call you need to make.