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What are the benefits of seamless gutters? What are they anyway? Do they cost more than regular eavestroughs? Is it worth it?

What are seamless gutters (also known as seamless eavestroughs)?

Sectional gutters are small, pre-fabricated sections joined at seams you can purchase off the shelf. The alternative is seamless gutters (or seamless eavestroughs) made with a special gutter machines typically on-site where they will be installed. The only seams are at jointed points, usually at the corners.

Why should I choose seamless eavestroughs?

Regular sectional gutters are often cheaper and easier to install and provide a great solution for a DIY homeowner. But there are many benefits of seamless gutters that outweigh the alternative despite the additional expense and labour skills required.

Let's breakdown the benefits of seamless gutters

Minimize leaks

The more seams, the more opportunities for leaks. Seamless gutters have fewer joints and the only seams are at the corners. This provides a smaller chance for water to escape.

Each seam requires caulking to seal them. Water must travel over those seams to divert away from the roof, unlike the smooth, continuous path provided by seamless gutters. No continuous drips that present risk for slowly eroding the earth around your foundation with seamless eavestroughs.

Reduce debris clogs & backups

Fasteners at each seam increase the chance of debris sticking to them, causing clogs and backups within the troughs. If these large clumps become large enough, water can overflow and the runoff is no longer controlled, leading to potential water damage to the home’s exterior, roof, foundation, and landscaping. Fewer fasteners mean fewer places for debris to stick or snag and that means less risk of bigger issues.

Require less maintenance

Speaking of less debris collecting at fewer joints, this means less time required for gutter cleaning. Show of hands of who wants to spend less time on a ladder fishing out smelly, wet leaves and pine needles?

Besides fasteners, each joint must be caulked. Even the best caulking won’t last forever and requires resealing. The more joints to seal, the more caulking to maintain. 

Seamless gutters are also typically made of higher quality materials than their sectioned counterparts. Better quality aluminum means less rot and rust and repairs.  Seamless eavestroughs rarely ever need to be painted.

Perfect Fit

Seamless gutter systems are custom-made on-site. The machine cuts them to the exact specifications of the home. This results in a perfect fit. Well-fitting gutters mean well-functioning gutters.

Curb Appeal

While function is important, there are aesthetic benefits of seamless gutters for your home. Without as many visible seams, the roof trim looks better providing a tidy, uniform beauty to the home. Not to mention that less debris and maintenance issues also mean they will stay pretty longer with less effort.

Is the cost of seamless gutters worth it?

The price of eavestroughs depends on several factors and any extras you choose to include with the project. You can read more about the cost of installing new gutters covered here.

Only Eavestroughs installs aluminum seamless gutters. Aluminum gutters remain a popular choice because they are flexible, durable, and attractive. The small additional cost compared to regular sectional gutters is well worth the reduction in effort required over the lifetime of the eavestroughs. 

Contact us today for a free inspection and advice for the best type of gutter. We can help you compare the costs with the benefits so you can make the best decision for your home and your budget.